Software development is like raising child

After months of secret preparation and painful development inside our minds and our bodies, they finally become a reality and you can announce proudly to the world their arrival. That's not immediately the killers you've dreamed of, but with some more time, sleepness nights and affectionate support, it's sure, they'll make you proud.

In the beginning, they'll let you lead them obediently to find their way into the harsh world they face. And after a little while they'll be able to run by themselves more than a day without falling apart. Maybe that's the time you'll start to feel happy about them, but soon new guys join the game and lead them toward questionable adventures. Some unforeseen refactoring and paradigm changes later, not much is left from the original version, but they've surely found their place in the ecosystem.

By now they're living their own life with their new partners, giving news once in a while to their genitor. With some luck, they're well established and perform their task diligently, and even occasionally get a little boost thanks to some redesign. Alas, rare will be the ones able to catch up with the fiery pace of new technos and avoid to become has-been.

Replaced by newbies owing mostly to the gloss of novelty, they remain only through their slowly fading legacy. You, despite not much has been as you may have planned, or how many times you swore it wasn't the right way to go, or how humble your contribution finally was, you'll probably end up glad to see their achievement and to have been part of the initial impulse.

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