Publication in Radiation Oncology

I had the pleasure to have the results of a research project I've been involved in to be published in Radiation Oncology.

This research project was performed in collaboration between Rist (for which I am working as an external consultant) and the Kyoto University Hospital.

The goal of the research was to develop a fully residual deep convolutional neural network (CNN)-based segmentation software for computed tomography image segmentation of the male pelvic region and demonstrate its efficiency in the male pelvic region.

My participation in this project has been to design and implement the software formatting the inputs (images obtained via computed tomography), integrating and running the neural network (segmentation of the prostate, seminal vesicles, bladder, and rectum), and formatting the outputs (using the DICOM format) to be used in radiotherapy planning treatment softwares for cancer treatment.

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