Calligraphy of the Gion Matsuri parade

After creating a calligraphy of Japanese professional Go players ranking with the simulation tool I've introduced here, I decided to use it again to create a map of the Gion Matsuri parade.

The Gion Matsuri is one of the most important religious festival in Kyoto and exists since more than a millenary. Every year in July, a gorgeous float of Yama and Hoko parades in the city to please the gods and seek their protection from disease and disasters. The map below describes the float location in the city, and the parade route. Note that there are two parades, one on the 17th of July (in red) and another on the 24th of July (in blue). The name of Yamas and Hokos indicates their resting position, and their name color indicates to which parade they participate. The assembly of the float starts around a week before each parade, and the disassembly occurs right after.

Downtown Kyoto being organised as a square board it is quite simple to depict. White streets run in straight west-east and south-north lines between the light grey blocks figuring buildings. On the east side, the Kamo river is drawn with wavy strokes of light blue ink representing the river flow. The portion of the city with no relevant info from HigashiNoTouIn to KawaraMachi is cut out (between the two zig-zag lines). The legend and title are placed in the two remaining empty areas. I wrote the title using a superimposition of two inks, a first one, black and diluted, to produce the silhouette thanks to the coffee stain effect, and a second one, red and rich, to produce the body with an aura blending smoothly into the black silhouette.

I wish this map looks more lively by adding decorative elements like silhouettes of people in the streets, but my simulation tool is designed for text rendering, not drawing. Beyond the simple strokes I've used for the river for example, it would be technically possible but extremely time consuming to add these elements. Then I publish the map as it is and maybe will improve it next year.

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