QP Card 203 Pictures Dataset 'QP203_20220606'

This article introduces the QP Card 203 Pictures Dataset 'QP203_20220606' which is available as a ZIP file here (88.7MB). The ZIP file also contains the content of this article (file README.md).

The author of this dataset is Pascal Baillehache (contact: baillehache.pascal@gmail.com). Permission is granted to use freely this dataset without any condition except for the citation of its author and the source of the dataset (https://baillehachepascal.dev/2022/qp203_dataset.php).

This dataset contains 41 pictures including the QP Card 203, taken under various conditions (day/night; outdoor/indoor), in various locations (France, Paris; France, Normandie; Japan, Kyoto) and with various cameras (Android Samsung Galaxy A41 smartphone; GoPro Hero5 camera; Nikon D5100).

The CSV file coord.csv included in the dataset contains the coordinates in pixel of the corners of the color chart in each image, from the top-left corner in clockwise order. By corners it is meant the corners of the color swatches, not the corner of the whole color chart. By top-left it is meant the top-left of the color chart, not of the image.

The dataset was created with the purpose to test color chart detection and color correction algorithms. Feel free to contact the author if you have any question about it. A preview of the pictures is available below.

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